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The Official Website of The Green Coffee

The Official Website of The Green Coffee.

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Our History

Did you know that "green coffee" is the term used for unroasted coffee beans? Yes it is. But our store is more than that.


PASSION for coffee motivated Phil, youngest among the five children of Panadero Bakeshop Chain owners to establish his own coffee shop. He is also one of the incorporators of the family bakeshop business which is widely known to provinces all over the country.


Coffee has always been a staple partner in their business' success. While they enjoy cups of freshly brewed coffee, they also get to spend more time with each other. Be it board room meetings or intimate gatherings, a coffee drink is indispensable.


When their coffee plantation in Davao Oriental flourished, Phil didn't want the opportunity of having his dream business slip away. Instead of selling the green beans from their plantation, he decided to might as well open a coffee shop and make use of it. As a coffee enthusiast, he was certain that freshly roasted coffee beans are the best.


Competitive by nature, he wanted his coffee shop to be known beyond tasty coffee flavors. He incorporated his baking background to serve bread, cakes and pastries that perfectly match with coffee.


On August 15, 2007, Green Coffee which was then named "Panadero Expreso”, located at Jacinto Street, Davao City became Phil's brainchild. The name was derived from a Spanish word which means "baker's express". It was a fitting choice to highlight the rich coffee and mouthwatering desserts that it serves. It proved to be a hit, but Phil doesn't want to be a slacker. He thought of expansion.


It was his creative imagination that pushed Phil to shift his concept of a coffee shop from a "basic-looking café" to a modern minimalist design to project a more Earth-friendly approach. He believed that the best way to savor coffee is not to alienate nature but to befriend it.


The company finally rebranded to GREEN COFFEE last May 11, 2011 with flagship store located at Prime Square, F. Torres, Davao City.


Everything in the café is a snapshot of Phil's green stand on coffee business. While competition is not easy, he believe that as long as you have the right ingredients to success, realizing a dream is not as hard as it seems.


Make Your Own Coffee at Home.

Visit our store now and choose on our wide selection of brewing kits so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.



The Roastery

We take roasting seriously. We roast in small batches to make sure that we get the same results every time.

We also supply to hotels, restaurants and cafés in different parts of the country. 


 Visit our roastery now located at Polo Street, Davao City or call us at 0977 83 (GREEN) or 0977 83 47336 to inquire about how we can supply you freshly roasted coffee beans.

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